Brenda Lee

international marketing, sociology, marketing, market research
Global Marketer
춤, 맛집, 운동, 코바늘, 잠
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싱가포르에서 온 브렌다입니다. 브리.라고 불러도 됩니다.

Brenda Lee (브리)

Global Marketer
I am a sociologist and psychologist. I aim to work in IT and aspire to work in cybersecurity.
I like to research about human behavior and how we interact with technology. (사이버 범죄와 사이버 정책에 관심있어요.)
I am very competitive and want to do as much as my heart desires in my lifetime.
I am still learning Korean and I hope to learn French next.

Educational Background

Seoul National University - Sociology Master's degree
University of Liverpool - Criminology and Security Bachelor's degree
Global Scholarship AY 2020-2022 (4 consecutive scholarship holder) Research
Thesis: Foreign women's perception of safety and fear of crime in South Korea
Sociology · Quantitative Research · Time Management · Writing · Organization Skills · Teamwork · Interrogation · Academic Research · Qualitative Research


KICJ (Korea Institute of Criminology and Justice) researcher
Marketing head for Ma Petite Coree
Operations Specialist
Freelance illustrator and model
Translation (中, English, 한)
International human rights researcher (북한 인권, 사회 인권)

I Like

understanding human behavior (I think it is very fascinating)
dancing (Ballet, street dance— I used to be a ballet teacher and backup dancer)
art galleries (I like networking with curators and visiting art galleries)
success (I strive for success)
reading (Robert Greene, Morgan Housel, Jordan Peterson)
running and exercising (I exercise every day for 1 hour)
cartoons (Gibli and 짱구)